Friday, August 17, 2012

Cuba warns of mosquito increase, disease threat

Posted on Friday, 08.17.12

Cuba warns of mosquito increase, disease threat
The Associated Press

HAVANA -- Cuba is warning of high concentrations of mosquitoes and is
asking islanders for help stamping out potential breeding pools to avoid
the spread of infectious disease.

Sternly worded reports in local media and on state television this week
say there is a "low perception of risk" among Cubans despite a
noticeable increase in mosquito populations in 23 municipalities.

Cases of infectious disease typically increase during the rainy summer
season, and the government often ramps up reminders about getting rid of
standing water and fumigating homes and office buildings.

Mosquitoes can spread dengue and yellow fever, and there have been
rumors of especially serious outbreaks this summer.

Some foreign media are reporting one death from dengue this week, citing
anti-government dissidents. The account could not be independently

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