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Disgraceful / Cuban Law Association – Veizánt Boloy
Cuban Law Association, Translator: Unstated, Veizant Boloy
by Veizánt Boloy

The laws are used by some citizens today like waste paper. If we take as
an example the acts of repudiation — where citizens gather and scream at
and even physically attack their fellow citizens or their homes — surely
they would change their minds. To those who by Law are allowed to engage
in this type of act.

If we describe the acts that are undertaken and that enjoy immunity, we
don't think about murder, manslaughter or robbery, because these are
addressed in our Cuban Penal Code. We refer to violations and crimes
that emerge from these illicit acts.

These acts of repudiation are an illegal act and to maintain a
permissive attitude towards them is intentional. The act of repudiation
could entail multiple crimes, such as public disorder, injury, threats,
violation of the home; all with a high social danger.

According to the text of the Constitution we are all obligated to remain
in strict compliance with the law. Of course, if would be utopian and
excessively confident to let the Governing Council of the People's
Supreme Court resolve this problem as long as it is not independent of
the Executive Power.

If, indeed, in their role to administer justice and to ensure compliance
with the law, the courts and prosecutors are those who allow these
illicit and immoral actions to arise, and thus they confirm the
suspicion of many that "the country is ungovernable." With contempt for
the law we ask a question: What is a country without laws?

The Organs of State Security belong to the Ministry of the Interior,
which acts without impunity, sparing no expense. What happens is
considered "collateral damage," and in this way any injuries are justified.

The Cuban Penal Code in its first article defines as one of its
objectives to contribute to developing in all citizens the conscience of
respect for the law, of doing one's duties, and of correctly observing
the norms of coexistence.

In our criminal legislation there is no specific article that
criminalizes this reprehensible act and hence the degrading acts against
"the most dangerous for the Country," are without an doubt the work of
many in a country located on Mars.

As a starting point, we must internalize how difficult it is to create a
true nation, with respect for the others, and forgetting all that
visceral hatred for those who think differently. However, despite all
the force of the government, every day the number of people who want
change, but who out of fear don't demand it, is growing.

August 18 2012

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