Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gas station blast injures 31 in Cuba; 5 'grave'

Posted on Wednesday, 08.29.12

Gas station blast injures 31 in Cuba; 5 'grave'
The Associated Press

HAVANA -- An explosion ripped through a gas station in the eastern city
of Santiago, injuring 31 people, including five seriously, Cuban state
media reported Wednesday.

The blast happened Tuesday evening when the driver of a
government-operated truck struck a gas tank, which tipped over and
spilled its contents, the Sierra Maestra newspaper said on its website.

"Even as firefighters urgently tried to contain the spill, specialists
agree that among a group of people nearby, a spark originated that
ignited the spill and the fire extended to the tanks, causing the
explosion," Sierra Maestra said.

State television broadcast images of a completely charred gas station,
but the blaze was extinguished before it could spread to other buildings.

The victims were taken to a burn unit at a nearby hospital, and five
were in "very grave condition," Sierra Maestra added.

Authorities were investigating.

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