Friday, May 31, 2013

Cuba rejects continued inclusion on US terror list

Posted on Thursday, 05.30.13

Cuba rejects continued inclusion on US terror list
The Associated Press

HAVANA -- Havana is forcefully condemning a U.S. government decision to
keep Cuba on its annual list of state sponsors of terrorism.

A statement from the Foreign Ministry calls it an "arbitrary and
unilateral" ruling that cynically aims to justify the 51-year economic
embargo and placate the Cuban exile lobby.

It says Cuban soil will never be used to accommodate terrorists or
organize violent acts against any nation.

Cuba rejects charges it harbors Basque militants and Colombian FARC
rebels, noting that it is hosting peace talks between the FARC and the
Colombian government.

President Raul Castro's government recently condemned the Boston
Marathon bombings.

The Foreign Ministry statement was read out on the Thursday evening
state TV news.

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