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On May 20 in Camagüey Ten Arrested and the Opposition Beaten Up

On May 20 in Camagüey: Ten Arrested and the Opposition Beaten Up / CID
Posted on May 25, 2013

Camaguey carreteraThis May 20th when the CID delegation in the capital
of Camagüey gathered to celebrate Independence Day, they had to suspend
the meeting to go urgently to the corner of Carretera Central and 20 de
Mayo street to support two distressed Cuban families who had spent the
night on the street as a result of an eviction.

At the time of publication the situation surrounding this event was
developing. When the State Insecurity and Housing department agents
arrived on the scene, they found neighbors extremely annoyed by the
distress of the families of Marlene Chavarría Abreu and Damaris Álvarez

The major in charge of the State Insecurity agents asked Virgilio
Mantilla Arango, CID National Vice President to give him time to see how
they could resolve the situation. He needed to calm the spirits of
families, the neighbors and the CID activists. The major wanted to talk
with the families.

Mantilla Arango spoke with the parties and all agreed to give the major
a more reasonable time to see if he could solve the case. The first step
was agreed to was that representatives of the Housing department would
move the families to a shelter.

Under the truce, CID activists went to the house of the Camagüey
Coordinator of the United Campaign for Human Rights to be held on May
20. A total of thirty members of the opposition participated in the
patriotic event remembering the long struggle for the independence of Cuba.

At the end of the meeting State Insecurity showed its other side. When
the opponents retired to their homes minions jumped into action
violently beating several and arresting ten of them.

22 May 2013

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