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A Newspaper is Born in Cuba

A Newspaper is Born in Cuba / 14ymedio
Posted on May 21, 2014
Journalists and intellectuals sign a statement of support for 14ymedio.
14YMEDIO | 21 May 2014

"Today we welcome a new communications medium, a digital daily that is
born in a country without freedom of the press: Cuba.

"The creators of this risky enterprise, directed by blogger Yoani
Sanchez, share our democratic values. In their declaration of
principals, the 14ymedio team is committed to promoting 'truth, freedom
and the defense of human rights, without ideological or party ties.'

"Cubans look to the future and need information media that opens
respectful spaces for debate on the Island. We are sure that this
initiative will contribute to the peaceful and democratic transition and
the construction of a new country.

"The undersigned, writers and journalists from different countries, call
on the Cuban government to respect the right of this medium to exist and
be distributed. And we ask that it not limit the freedom of expression
and the right to information of its citizens."

Mario Vargas Llosa, writer, Perú / Spain
Rosa Montero, writer and contributor to El País, Spain
Fernando Savater, "Claves de razón práctica" Magazine, writer, Spain
Fernando Trueba, movie director, Spain
Arturo Ripstein, movie director, México
Paz Alicia Garciadiego, scriptwriter, México
Arcadi Espada, journalist, Spain
Arsenio Escolar, journalist, director of 20minutos, Spain
Pablo Hiriart, journalist and conductor of Noticiero 40, México
Moisés Naím, columnist for El País, Estados Unidos
Rafael Pérez Gay, writer and journalist in Milenio. México
Lech Walesa, ex-president of the Republic of Poland, Poland
Vicente Molina Foix, writer, Spain
Edward Seaton, director of The Mercury, United States
Fidel Cano, Director of El Espectador, Colombia
Jaime Mantilla, director of Hoy, Ecuador
Carlos Salinas, journalist of Confidencial, Nicaragua
Nuria Claver, editorial coordiantor of CLAVES de Razón Práctica en
Juan Malpartida, Escritor and director of Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, Spain
Martine Jacot, journalist for Le Monde, Francia
Pedro Zambrano Lapenta, director of El Diario, Ecuador
Roger Bartra, sociologist and essayist, México
Esteban Ruíz Moral, artist, Spain
Adam Michnik director of la Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
Maciej Stasiński, journalist for la Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
Carlos Alberto Montaner, journalist, writer and politician. Cuba/United
Mirta Ojitos, Cuban journalist at Columbia Univeristy, NY. Cuba/United
Dagoberto Valdés, director of the magazine Convivencia, Cuba

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