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Mr. President, tell Congress be damned

Mr. President, tell Congress be damned
[23-05-2014 12:13:45]

( The Constitution of the United States
vests the President with Executive Power. But not just any power, but
very specific powers. It vests the power to execute the instructions of
Congress, which has the exclusive power to make laws.
An open letter to President Obama signed by 43 individuals is asking the
President of the United States to put aside the Constitution and tell
Congress be damned. Hurry up, Mr Obama, the window of opportunity may no
remain open indefinitely. Your political party may lose the next
Congress elections. Timing matters.

Give our private organizations the freedom to serve as catalyst for
change in Cuba.

Let's forget for the time being the people of Cuba has no right of
expression; no right of peaceful assembly and association; no right to
be recognized as a person before the law; no right to equality before
the law; no right by competent tribunal; no right to a fair public
hearing; no right to be considered innocent until proved guilty; no
right of free movement; no right to own property; no right to freedom of
opinion or information; no right to desirable work and to join trade
unions; no right to adequate living standard and not even right to
participate in free elections.

As we said, we'll serve as catalysts for meaningful changes in Cuba and
all that will be taken care of later.

We'll sell telecommunications hardware, cell towers, satellite dishes
and handsets to the people of Cuba. We are good at it; we have done it
in the United States and Central America. All you need to do is
authorize licenses for the research, marketing and sale of equipment.
True, the Cuban people will have no use for any of these for now, but if
we build it, they will come.

Authorize the import and export of certain goods and services between
the U.S. private sector and independent Cuban entrepreneurs. We know
there is not such a thing as a true independent Cuban entrepreneurs
except for government officials, but all this is temporary. And while
you are it, let's have an exchange program by professional organizations
like the ones we represent, specializing in real estate and land titling
and worry about the real owners later. It'll be taken care of, really.

All you need to do Mr. President is put the Constitution aside and raise
your middle finger to Congress. We'll do the rest. We'll transform
social unrest into the "Cuban business model". After all if Putin has
one why not Castro.

Hurry, Mr. President. You are the Man! Use your executive authority and
issue an executive order. It does not matter there is no constitutional
provision nor statue that explicitly permits executive orders or whether
they are basically used to help officers and agencies of the executive
federal agency . We'll provide you with a new agency, Cuba: Now or
Never, and help the Cuban people determine their own destiny and never
again, allow anyone trample over our Constitution. History will absolve us.

PS. Please forget about promoting agricultural exchange studies between
U.S.-based NGOs and private cooperative farms in Cuba. There is nothing
private in Cuba. We'll fix that later. Cross our hearts.

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