Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Loss of Values

Loss of Values
Posted on May 28, 2014

For some time the Cuban authorities have been turning their attention to
"the construction of values to guarantee the continuity of the
Revolution." In speaking about the importance of family in the
regeneration of values such as patriotism and honestly, and the need for
social discipline, mutual respect, citizen education and good behavior,
their objective is to assure the success of the official political
project, ignoring that the nation, as such, is much more important and
essential than the former.

In short, those values were lost in the overwhelming and unrestrained
takeover of the so-called Revolution, which ceased to take them into
account and, in many cases, discriminated against them to make them
disappear, without offering any better substitutes, leaving the vacuum
in which we now find ourselves.

We all agree that we must rescue them in reinstall them in the spaces
which by right belong to them, but not to save a failed political,
economic and social project, but rather to save Cuba.

To accomplish this we need to abandon the cheap politicking, barrio
patriotism, absurd political and ideological manipulation and other
evils, and responsibly dedicate ourselves to the very difficult and
complex task that, starting with the family and the schools, must
recover the entire social framework, respecting individuals and
differences of every kind among those who comprise the people, which is
a concept that goes far beyond simple political or ideological
positioning. The rescue of values should be based in the work of Cubans
and Cuba and not in any political party or government.

27 May 2014

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