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Berta Soler believes that conflicts in the group are due to ‘infiltrators’

Berta Soler believes that conflicts in the group are due to 'infiltrators'
Posted on March 23, 2015

(EFE) 21 March 2015 — The leader of the Cuban dissident movement Ladies
in White,BertaSoler, is "convinced" that"Cuban State Security is hiding"
behind the conflicts within the group and which led to the separation of
some of its members.

Soler pointed to a History student, Alejandro Yañez, as the person who
leaked a video that shows an angry internal conflict and stated that the
one responsible for the leak is "someone sent by [Cuban] State Security"
since 2007, to gather information and "promote misunderstandings in the
group," as affirmed by the newspaper El Nuevo Herald.

The incident earned the dissident criticisms, especially within the
Cuban exile community in the United States, after which Soler decided to
submit her leadership to a referendum held this month in Havana in which
she was ratified as the movement's leader.

"I think it doesn't end because the Government has stuck its hands and
body into this," said Soler, who nevertheless affirmed that the
experience taught her to rectify.

In the video in question, several members of the group, Soler among
them, demonstrate with shouts against Alejandrina Garcia de la Riva, an
activist who was "suspended" and who appeared at the group's site as a

The leader of the movement also said that on her return to Havana
she would personally deliver the keys to the group's site to Laura María
Labrada Pollán, daughter of Ladies in White founder, the deceased Laura
Pollán, whose home has been the movement's headquarters since its founding.

Last Thursday, Laura Labrada announced in Havana that she would create a
foundation in honor of her mother and would not authorize Soler to use
the name Laura Pollán, after criticizing the "unfortunate events that
have raised questions" about the prestige of the organization.

Soler said she "respects" Labrada's decision, and although the movement
could continue to use its current name, Laura Pollán Ladies in White
Movement, she would not "get into this family problem."

Soler said that "respect" the decision of Labrada, and although the
movement could continue using its current name, Laura Pollán Ladies in
White Laura Movement, she will not "get involved in this family problem."

"We are against the Cuban government, not against anyone of the
people. Laura will always be present in us," said Soler.

In the interview, the dissident preferred not to give details about the
use of the 50,000 euros that the movement received from the European
Parliament when, in 2013, it received the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of
Thought, among other reasons because she doesn't want to "reveal
information to the Cuban government nor to State Security."

The people who have placed their trust and monetary incentives in the
movement, "know how the money is used," she added.

The "Ladies in White" movement was created by women members of the
families of the 75 dissidents condemned to prison during the "Black
Spring" of 2003 (now released), among whom are Angel Moya, Soler's
husband, and Hector Maseda, Pollán's widower.

Source: Berta Soler believes that conflicts in the group are due to
'infiltrators' | Translating Cuba -

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