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Web Platform Reflejos Closes the ‘14ymedio’ Blog

Web Platform Reflejos Closes the '14ymedio' Blog / 14ymedio
Posted on March 27, 2015

"Esteemed user of the Platform "Blogs Reflejos": You have repeatedly
published content that is not in keeping with the objectives of the
platform Reflejos, not complying with the conditions you previously
accepted. For that reason the blog is suspended…"

14ymedio, Havana, 27 March 2015 – The new Cuban blog platform, Reflejos,
has decided to close the 14ymedio blog for "repeatedly publishing
content that does not conform to the objectives with which the platform
was created," according to an email sent this Friday by the administrators.

The daily is accused of "failing to meet [the site's] the conditions of
use" with no other details. Nevertheless, when it was launched March 18,
Kirenia Fagundo Garcia, a consultant on Reflejos, explained that there
were no "restrictions as far as topics addressed on the blogs and users
interested in the service."

The blog opened by this daily on the digital platform was designed to
bring its contents to Cuban readers since our site has been blocked on
the Island's servers since its creation in May of 2014.

During the few days in which it was active, the blog published a varied
group of texts that ranged from culture to recipes to opinion columns.
Neither verbal violence nor personal attacks were used, and the majority
of commenters were internet users very interested in the topics that the
posts covered.

The 14ymedio blog has been the object of many criticisms by bloggers
associated with the Cuban government. At the beginning of this week, the
official site for CubaSí news lamented the presence of "mercenaries in
service of the US" on Reflejos. The writer of the article, M. H.
Lagarde, accused 14ymedio in wrathful terms of having "contaminated" the
platform with "counter-revolutionary propaganda."

The digital platform is part of the Cuba Va project of the Computer and
Electronic Youth Club. Set up on the free content manager WordPress, it
has several technological deficiencies such as slow operation, low
storage capacity (barely 250 megabytes per blog) and problems with the
image upload tool. Nevertheless, in spite of these technical
difficulties, we had managed to create a functional "mirror" of
14ymedio, on a service that calls itself Reflejos (Reflections) and that
was announced from the beginning as a space for the blogs of the Cuban

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