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Holguin repairs a street after a hundred residents threaten not to vote in the elections

Holguin repairs a street after a hundred residents threaten not to vote
in the elections
FERNANDO DONATE, Holguín | Marzo 23, 2015

The Holguin municipal government decided to hurriedly solve the problem
of sewage running down 8 th Street between 29 th and 35 th, in the La
Quinta neighborhood, after having received a letter signed by more than
100 people who threatened not to vote in the elections for delegates to
the Municipal Assembles of People's Power on 19 April, if their demand
for a solution was not met.

A commission composed of government functionaries went to visit the
residents, according to Lino Rubisel Almira García, one of the
signatories. "They visited us two days after they received the letter,
at the end of last October. The committee wanted to make us desist from
the decision, but when they failed to achieve their objective they
agreed to approve an investment as soon as possible.

The speed with which the work was begun surprised even those who didn't
trust in the efficacy of a letter with political content adverse to the
government to resolve a historic demand, raised since the early eighties
in every "Renditions of Accounts Assembly" of the delegates with their

During all this time, the fetid sewage that ran along the street
endangered the health of the inhabitants of more than 60 homes,
according to the complaint of Leopoldo Peña Jiménez, another of the
signatories, resident of the place since 1979.

The fear of the critical epidemiological situation of the city since
2014 – with the increase in illness like dengue fever, cholera, and
hepatitis – resulted in a death that "forced us to use politics when we
didn't get results through established mechanisms," added Peña.

During the "Process of Renditions of Accounts" of last October, the
delegate reported that the work was not in the investment plans and that
a long-term solution was projected due to the difficult economic
situation threatening the country.

However, Peña remembers that, "When, in the eighties, the government had
available resources, the requests to representatives and officials of
the People's Power was characterized, year after year, by false promises
that, after they weren't met, were excused with absurd justifications."

Given the indolence of the authorities, the residents began to resolve
the problem with their own efforts in 2010, placing 8 plastic tubes,
each 3 yards long. The solution was insufficient, but the government
never provided the necessary resources.

The current work began mid-month last November, and the work, paralyzed
as of a month ago, is still incomplete. Those affected point out that
there is a section where the putrid waters still flow, and lament that
there are still seven open manholes in the sewer, which in addition to
blocking free flow, constitute a danger for the risk of falls,
especially at night in streets lacking good lighting.

The neighbors continue to wait for the completion of the works, and
according to Lino Rubisel, are "willing to write another letter, if

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to vote in the elections -

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