Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chinese manufacturers grabbed strong foothold in Cuba

Chinese manufacturers grabbed strong foothold in Cuba
Reporter: Ming Tian 丨 CCTV.com
06-21-2016 17:24 BJT

The International Convention and Exhibition of the Cuban Industry kicked
off in Havana Monday. 16 Chinese companies took part in the fair. And
some of them have already taken a firm footholding in the country.

This is the largest scale Cubauindustria in recent years, with
exhibitors from machinery, electronic, petrochemical, aviation and many
other sectors.

At the heart of the exhibition center stand two brand new coaches from
Yutong Group. The Chinese bus maker has become the market leader in
Cuba, as millions of cubans take buses made by the company every day.

"Over the past decade, Yutong Group has succeeded in developing in Cuba.
This is not just our pride, but also the pride of Chinese brand and
people," said Fang Mingliang, Yutong Group Cuban Representative.

Another realm China leads the world is home appliances. They have grown
beyond sales and marketing, and started in making the country's industry
standard, according to Haier.

"Now Cuba has adopted Chinese digital television's standard as its
national standard. Haier not only sells its products in Cuba, but brings
the whole industrial chain here to serve the market," said Sun Yongle,
Haier New Energy Company.

Chinese manufacturers are becoming more influential around the world.
Sales and marketing can no longer satisfy their demand, Chinese
companies are looking to export technology and capital. Officials
approve this move, saying the government would back the initiative.

"Chinese companies have multiple opportunities in Cuba, as their
technology and products meet the development need here. We could further
encourage firms to expand in the country," said Miao Wei, minister of
Information and Industrial Technology.

Analysts say Cuba is in great need of almost all kinds of industrial
products, thanks to decade-long economic blockade. This has given a
number of opportunities for businesses. And it seems Chinese makers have
now gained a head start.

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