Friday, June 24, 2016

Flights to Cuba Are Officially On Sale—for Under $300

Flights to Cuba Are Officially On Sale—for Under $300
Written by Cynthia Drescher June 23, 2016

Scheduled flights are now on sale to several cities in Cuba, but act fast.
As promised by a recent ruling of the U.S. Department of Transportation,
regularly scheduled flights from the United States to Cuba are set to
commence this September. Six airlines were approved for routes to the
country, and while that's good news, even better news is that the first
flights are now open for booking—and on sale.

American Airlines will be the first to Cuba, with service to Cienfuegos
and Holguín starting September 7; to Camagüey and Santa Clara from
September 9; and to Varadero on September 11. AirfareSpot reports that
the AA website is offering round-trip prices of $286 from Miami and $262
from New York City, including taxes and fees. We searched for dates in
September between New York and the UNESCO World Heritage city of
Cienfuegos and indeed found the $262 fares widely available. There's no
end date to this sale so act fast, as we've noted that regular airfares
on the route average $650.

Although booking a flight to Cuba no longer requires the process of
going through a travel agency and boarding a chartered aircraft, there
is still one obstacle before you click "purchase" on AA's website. After
selecting your preferred flights, a prompt asks for confirmation that
you'll be able to prove that your travel falls into one of the 12
categories of 'Purposeful Travel,' as outlined by the U.S. Office of
Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which include family visits, journalistic
activity, educational activities, humanitarian projects, and more. If
you qualify, click "continue" to affirm, and then start packing for
Cuba. Flights to Havana are however still on hold, pending the USDOT's
continued deliberations on travel to Cuba's capital.

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