Saturday, June 25, 2016

Total Addiction to Power

Total Addiction to Power / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 22 June 2016 — Some years ago the Latin American left
abandoned the guerrilla struggle as the main way to gain power, choosing
to use, instead, the existing democratic institutions and mechanisms in
their respective countries.

The problem presents itself when, through these same institutions and
mechanisms, they must leave power. Then we see the machinations begin,
the changing of constitutions, the setting aside of democratic
institutions, abuses of power and other aberrations of a totalitarian
character. The examples are endless.

In Argentina, since the opposition with Macri at the helm won the
elections, former president Cristina Fernandez and her adepts have tried
every possible way to make it difficult for them to exercise power.

In Venezuela, when the Chavistas lost their majority in the National
Assembly, they started and still continue a process of disavowing the
work of the Assembly, even going to the extreme of creating an
unconstitutional monstrosity they call "the Congress of the Country,"
which includes ignoring the call for a mid-term referendum.

The Chavistas are violating all democratic laws, documents and
regulations, and continue to protest and even receive support from their
external minions when they make a call to order.

In Bolivia, the self-styled "first indigenous president" tries to hold
another referendum, ignoring the results of the previous one, so that he
can be re-elected in perpetuity.

In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega is again nominated for president for the
November elections.

In Brazil, the offensive against the government that replaced Dilma
Rousseff has not ceased and now, as it that weren't enough, former
president Lula de Silva reappears, wanting to present himself as a
candidate for president in 2018.

The left, when it gets a taste of "the honey of power," becomes totally
addicted. They must be urged to find an effective treatment to avoid this.

Source: Total Addiction to Power / Fernando Dámaso – Translating Cuba -

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