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The Cuban regime has killed systematically since the start of its
57-year dictatorship. 345 documented disappearances and fatalities
occurring in the month November, as in any other month, illustrate the
widespread atrocities occurring over decades, continuing to date, and
taking thousands of lives. This is the tragic tally Cuba Archive feels
obliged to chronicle.


Independent journalist and former political prisoner, Jorge Alberto
Liriado Linares, age 67, died this past November 14th (2016) in
Camaguey. He had been systematically harassed and threatened by agents
of the political police and on Ocotber 27th had a heart attack after
arguing with a State Security agent. He was interrogated even while in
the hospital and after eleven days was released over his objections and
that of his friends due to his weak condition. He was homeless, having
recently lost his home, and while anemic, was unable to acquire the
special diet he had been prescribed. The deliberate medical neglect and
overt political persecution led to his death.

Human rights activist Arcelio, "Chely," Molina Leyva, age 53, died this
past November 15th (2016) in Havana. He allegedly fell from the roof of
his house during the early morning hours and was impaled on a pointed
fence. Cuban opposition members, concerned over the suspicious deaths of
several human rights´ activists in recent years, question the
circumstances of his death. "Chely" attended to political prisoners and
his home served as headquarters in Havana for UNPACU, an opposition
movement based in the eastern province of Oriente.

Darío Andino León, age 18, died November 18, 2014 at a military unit in
Cienfuegos, Cuba. Darío was completing his obligatory military service
under typically harsh conditions. While out on a pass, he and around
twenty neighbors took to sea in a rustic vessel, attempting to escape
Cuba. Five days later, after a terrible ordeal at sea, they were rescued
by the U.S. Coast Guard and returned to Cuba. After spending several
days in the hospital, he was sent back to Cienfuegos province and
imprisoned for deserting his military service, kept in a punishment cell
in isolation. Days later, authorities reported he had hung himself with
a sheet, yet prisoners are not allowed sheets or garments in punishment
cells. He left a young wife and one-month old daughter.

Gerardo Contreras Hernández and Antonio Hernández Rivero were killed
November 26, 1990 at La Coloma, Pinar del Río province. Gerardo, an
AfroCuban in his mid-twenties, was at a birthday party with several
friends, listening to music and drinking. A local policeman stopped by
and told them they had to stop the music and warned them he would return
to make sure they complied. When he came back, the music was on. Gerardo
started arguing with him; the policeman took out his gun and shot him.
His friend, Antonio Hernandez, was nearby when he heard the shots and
came running. When he saw that Gerardo had been killed, he began arguing
with the policeman, who again pulled out his gun and shot him to death
too. The rest of the party group was tried and sentenced to prison for
four years (presumably, the policeman was not charged).

Marcelo Díaz González, was presumably killed November 9, 1973 at a State
Security office in Santa Clara, Las Villas province. Marcelo was in jail
at Manacas Prison Camp in Las Villas province. A few days before
completing his sentence, he was taken to the State Security (G-2)
headquarters in Santa Clara for questioning. His family was told he had
committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell, but his body showed
evidence of a savage beating, with bruises and wounds to the body
including the face.

José Angel Masó Hernández. November 8, 1975, killed at Kilo 5 1/2 prison
in Pinar del Río. Political prisoner in his mid-thirties serving prison
for conspiring against the powers of the state. Held in a punishment for
refusing to attend political indoctrination sessions, Masó was subjected
to daily injections of a mysterious substance on orders of the prison
director. He vomited daily until he died, receiving no medical
attention. Prison officials claimed he had died of a heart attack.

Florentino Pelaez, son, age 17, and father (same name), executed
November 15, 1963 in Santa Clara, Las Villas province. The small farmer
and his son were executed by firing squad for collaborating with
insurgents fighting against the Castro Communist regime. Their blood was
forcibly extracted before the execution (Cuba was secretly selling it to
other countries). The son was executed first, in front of his father.

Source: Cuba: November victims / Víctimas de noviembre -

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