Monday, November 21, 2016

Enough With the War Games

Enough With the War Games / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez

14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Generation Y, Havana, 20 November 2016 —
Tiredness, in the voice of the friend who calls and asks when they are
going to mute the sirens that have been going off since morning.
Exhaustion, in the neighbor who couldn't get home in time after work
because traffic was diverted due to military maneuvers. Annoyance in the
young reservist who was ordered to participate in military exercise on
the exact days he was planning a getaway with his girlfriend.

The three days devoted to "Bastión 2016" have left many Cubans feeling
extremely saturated. Especially because after 72 hours of aggressive
confrontation, and just when it seemed that the nightmare of machine
guns was over, the government decreed this Saturday and Sunday to be
National Days of Defense. For those who don't want to fight… three bullets.

Exhausted from so much "trench warfare" and too many allusions to the
enemy, we wonder if it wouldn't be more coherent to use all those
resources to alleviate daily problems. To reverse the chronic
difficulties of urban transport, the quality of the bread in the ration
market, or the shortages of medicines in the island's pharmacies, would
be better destinations for the little money contained in the national

Why waste money on fuel for war tanks that could be used to improve
elementary school lunches?

The threat of battle is part of the mechanisms of control. The trench is
the hole where we are immobilized and reduced; the platoon erases our
individuality; and the canteen filled with water that tastes of metal
and fear exorcises our demons of prosperity.

The war games have reminded us that we are only soldiers. As the bugle's
roar pulls the uniformed from their beds, these days of military
exercises have awakened the country from any dreams of citizenship.

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