Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Police Confiscate Activist Henry Constantín’s Phone And Computer

Police Confiscate Activist Henry Constantín's Phone And Computer / 14ymedio

On Sunday night, the activist Henry Constantín was detained at Customs
at the Ignacio Agramonte International Airport of Camaguey, on his
arrival from Miami. The dissident was taken to a police station where
they confiscated his cellphone and laptop, according to what he told
14ymedio. The independent journalist was released around ten at night
and says he will begin the legal process to recover his belongings.

Constantín arrived in Cuba around four in the afternoon on a American
Airlines direct flight and was held at the airport until after eight
o'clock at night. The officers of the General Customs of the Republic
insisted on seizing their belongings to "review their content," but the
activist emphatically refused.

Constantín, who is the director of the literary magazine Time for
Cuba, told them they could search the devices in his presence, but not
out of sight. After four hours of waiting, Constantín was taken to a
police station in the Montecarlo neighborhood.

At the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) unti, the soldiers took his
"prints of all kinds," he explained to this newspaper. The reporter
refused to sign the record of the seizure of objects when the police
told him that they would not give him a copy of the document.

After the Immigration Reform implemented by the Government in 2013, it
has become a common practice to confiscate computers, video cameras and
cellphones from activists arriving in the country.

Source: Police Confiscate Activist Henry Constantín's Phone And Computer
/ 14ymedio – Translating Cuba -

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