Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Depenalize / Regina Coyula

Depenalize / Regina Coyula
Regina Coyula, Translator: Unstated

I've gone much longer than usual without posting, as I find myself in
Spain accompanying my husband who has come to receive an award, but I am
not going to prepare a chronicle of the trip. I knew that despite
reconnecting with the friends, and seeing new or revisiting old places,
this would be an opportunity to have the Internet be an important part
of my time. A friend has given me a small laptop and an Internet link so
I have the internet whenever I want.

I have mostly spent the time reading other blogs on the subject of Cuba
from outside the Island, and of course I follow the national scene and
take advantage of the foreign media, of the bloggers and Granma. As
ever, I see the subversive nature of so much information that is just a
click away.

Too much information can be misleading; it all depends on where you
focus your antenna and encounter the most dissimilar opinions on the
same topic. In any case, I am convinced of the need to popularize a
phrase that unfortunately was not coined by me, but I love it:
Discrepancy must be decriminalized.

May 16 2011


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