Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eurolat lawmakers call for freedom in Cuba and fair elections in Venezuela

Thursday, May 19th 2011 - 07:46 UTC

Eurolat lawmakers call for freedom in Cuba and fair elections in Venezuela

Lawmakers from the European Union and Latin America meeting in Uruguay
approved two resolutions on the lack of freedoms in Cuba and on the
coming electoral process in Venezuela.

The resolutions were agreed during the two-day meeting in Montevideo of
the Fifth Ordinary Plenary Session of the Euro-Latin American
Parliamentary Assembly, Eurolat.

Regarding the Castro brothers regime lawmakers expressed solidarity with
the "Cuban democrats that struggle inside and outside the island for
freedom and full compliance with human rights in the Republic of Cuba".

They also underlined support for the "legitimate aspiration of the
people of Cuba for the immediate launching of a political and democratic
transition process that fully respects the people's sovereignty".

Lawmakers expressed support for "the demands of freedom of the press,
freedom of action for political parties in a pluralist framework, free
democratic elections and equally fair conditions for parties and
candidates" and similarly, solidarity with demands for the liberation of
political prisoners in Cuba.

Regarding Venezuela Eurolat lawmakers expressed their satisfaction with
the successful political measures taken by the opposition parties that
are part of the Democratic Unified Panel to present a plural and
democratic alternative for Venezuela's future.

They also urged the Venezuelan government to observe the basic
conditions to ensure a fair election within the framework of full
respect for human rights, freedom of expression and pluralism. Further,
they urged authorities to "allow the presence of international observers".

Eurolat lawmakers also requested the Venezuelan government to refrain
from using state institutions to the service of a political party, from
using public propaganda and from obstructing the actions of opposition
political parties, so as to ensure respect for democratic coexistence.

The plenary sessions had the attendance of lawmakers from Uruguay,
Spain, France, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Slovakia, Italy,
Paraguay, Luxemburg and Guatemala among others.

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