Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mexican agribusiness delegation in Cuba

Mexican agribusiness delegation in Cuba

A delegation of Mexican agribusiness executives is scheduled to arrive
in Cuba Monday to talk about investments on the island.

The group, headed by Mexican Agriculture Minister Francisco Mayorga
Castañeda, will seek opportunities amid a transition of Cuba's
agriculture towards more private production. Cuba is seeking investments
in the sugar industry and help for its budding private farmers, in an
effort to boost food production.

One of Mexico's biggest agro-industrial investments in Cuba is IMSA,
which operates a wheat mill near the Port of Havana that provides most
of the capital with flour. The operating partner in the joint venture is
Mexico City-based Grupo Altex.

In other news, Cuban and Mexican parliamentarians said in a recent
meeting in Yucatán that they are trying to get Mexican President Felipe
Calderón to visit the island this year.

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