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Angel Santiesteban’s Work Again Recognized in France

Angel Santiesteban's Work Again Recognized in France
Posted on April 18, 2014

The dictator Raul Castro continues stubbornly to make the world believe
that he's bringing to Cuba an opening that in reality doesn't exist. He
continues being the same dictator as always, violating the rights of all
Cubans, submitting them to misery, censoring the press, harassing,
beating and imprisoning peaceful opponents.

Angel Santiesteban, unjustly imprisoned, has completed one year after a
rigged trial for some crimes that his ex-wife and mother of his son
invented together with the political police. They sought to silence his
critical voice against the dictatorship, but they have not succeeded. No
punishment, beatings or prison itself has made a dent in him.

And by keeping him locked up, the dictator hasn't prevented his
literature from continuing to be recognized in the world, which condemns
the injustice against him.

Again in France, this time in Marseille, his book of stories, "Laura in
Havana", published in 2012 by L'Atinoir, will be presented before the

Raul Castro continues violating his own law, taking away Angel's passes
that he is supposed to get every sixty days. It doesn't matter to Angel,
because when his companions go to visit their families, he takes even
more advantage of the time and the calm to continue writing.

The Editor

A meeting

We invite you to a convivial meeting with Jacques Aubergy and Rasky
Beldjoudi, Saturday, April 12, at 5:00 p.m. at the Maison Pour Tous de
la Belle de Mai (House For All of the Belle of May).

Jacques Aubergy is a translator, bookseller and publisher. His
publishing house, L'Atinoir, publishes authors of noir fiction and Latin
American writers.

He will speak to us of his trade, how he chooses his books, and will
make us know intimately and with passion some marvels of Latin American
literature chosen by him.

He will also present the book, "Laura in Havana," a collection of ten
short stories by Angel Santiesteban-Prats, published by Atinoir.

Angel Santiesteban Prats is one of the greatest Cuban authors, presently
in prison after having openly criticized his country's system. His
imprisonment has generated strong support from Reporters Without Borders
and the world-wide community of bloggers.

An enthralling book

"The Eleventh Commandment" is a book by Rasky Beldjoudi, a resident of
the Belle de Mai.

The name Rasky Beldjoudi will surely mean nothing in particlar to you.
You have never noticed him, although it's very probable that you have
already seen him on Caffo Square or perhaps, one day, sitting next to
you on bus 32.

However, Rasky is impressive, muscular, and his Belgian accent with a
Kabyle (Berber) accent leaves no one indifferent. Since his infancy,
Rasky has accumulated difficulties. From scholastic failures to
precarious employment, he knew years of struggle and the hell of drugs.

In spite of an uneven road and a life story that is sometimes not very
glorious, he succeeded in rising above the circumstances of his life and
has just published "The Eleventh Commandment": an enthralling
autobiography, written in a remarkable style, full of humanity, and
unbelievably touching.


Saturday, April 12 at 5:00 p.m., Maison Pour Tous de la Belle de Mai, 6
Blvd. Boyer, 13003 Marseille

Free admission

Event organized by Brouettes & Compagnie, the association CIN-CO and the
Maison Pour Tous de la Belle de Mai.

To sign the petition for Amnesty International to declare Cuban
dissident Angel Santiesteban a prisoner of conscience follow the link.

Translated by Regina Anavy

Source: Angel Santiesteban's Work Again Recognized in France |
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