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Cuba, you owe us $7 billion - Top 50 claims

Cuba, you owe us $7 billion - Top 50 claims

The top 50
The largest American property claims against Cuba certified by the
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, according to a 2007 report by
Creighton University scholars.
Rank Name of claimant Amount certified Assets include
1 Cuban Electric Co. $267.57m Corporate assets
2 Intl. Telephone & Telegraph Corp. $130.68m Corporate assets
3 North American Sugar Industries Inc. $108.98m Corporate assets
4 Moa Bay Mining Co. $88.35m Rural mining property
5 United Fruit Sugar Co. $85.10m Improved real property
6 West Indies Sugar Corp. $84.88m Rural farming land
7 American Sugar Co. $81.01m Urban beachfronts
8 Exxon Corp. $71.61m Oil refinery
9 Texaco Inc. $56.20m Corporate assets
10 The Francisco Sugar Co. $53.39m Corporate assets
11 Bangor Punta Corp. $53.38m Securities
12 Manati Sugar Co. $48.59m Corporate assets
13 Nicaro Nickel Co. $33.01m Corporate assets
14 The Coca-Cola Co. $27.53m Urban commercial buildings
15 Lone Star Cement Corp. $24.88m n.a.
16 The New Tuinucu Sugar Co. $23.34m Sugar mills
17 Colgate-Palmolive Co. $14.51m Corporate assets
18 Sinclair Oil Corp. $13.20m Corporate assets
19 Braga Brothers Inc $12.61m Securities
20 Boise Cascade Corp. $11.75m Urban commercial building
21 Claflin, Helen A. $11.69m Securities
22 American Brands Inc. $11.68m Debts and mortgages
23 Burrus Mills Inc. $9.85m Experimental farm
24 Pan-American Life Insurance Co. $9.74m Corporate assets
25 United States Rubber Co. $9.52m Corporate assets
26 Powe, William $9.51m Urban residential property
27 Estate of Sumner Pingree $9.37m Rural farming land
28 F.W. Woolworth Co. $9.19m Contents of 11 retail stores
office building
29 Havana Docks Corp. $9.18m Commercial building, land
30 Continental Can Co. $8.91m Rural commercial building
31 Loeb, John L. $8.57m Securities
32 International Harvester Co. $8.26m Corporate assets
33 Owens-lllinois Inc. $8.04m Securities
34 Arango, Mercedes $7.92m Rural farming land
35 Order of Hermits of St. Augustin $7.89m Urban commercial
36 The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A $7.71m Corporate assets
37 Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. $7.65m Corporate assets
38 Carl Marks & Co. $7.33m Securities
39 IBM World Trade Corp. $6.45m Corporate assets
40 Swift and Co. $5.95m Land, buildings, machinery
41 The First National Bank of Boston $5.90m Corporate assets
42 General Electric Co. $5.87m Corporate assets
43 Estate of Sumner Pingree $5.81m Securities
44 Libby, McNeil & Libby $5.71m Securities
45 The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. $5.12m Debts and mortgages
46 Procter & Gamble Co. $5.00m Debts and mortgages
47 First National City Bank $4.97m Urban commercial buildings
48 Lengyel, Olga $4.87m Apartments, art objects, cash
49 Davis, Arthur V. $4.27m Rural farming land
50 GMAC, South America $3.88m Corporate assets

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