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How Do We Make A Good Newspaper?

How Do We Make A Good Newspaper? / Yoani Sanchez
Posted on April 23, 2014

In these times, when the great media of the press barely seem to survive
the crisis, many are wondering, how can we make a good newspaper? The
question includes not only choosing content, but also how to make it
profitable and the dilemma between digital or paper formats. There are
no clear formulas. Small websites become–in a short time–information
reference points, while some of the news giants fall into the red and
lose readers. No one knows for sure where the press of the future is headed.

We are used to technological advances and leapfrogging; Cubans will very
like jump from an official press under the monopoly of a single party,
to a multitude of media pushing to gain prominence. The day when
non-government media is legalized, numerous publications–now
underground–will be able to be read openly and even sold at the corner
newsstand. Although that time is still to come, it's worth it to begin

If I could highlight at least one indispensable feature of the press, I
would choose interaction with readers. The close relationship between
the writer of the information and its recipient is vital for a newspaper
to meet the demands of modernity and objectivity. Right now in Havana,
we are putting the final touches on a new digital media that will
greatly help us to listen to your opinions. Without you, it would be
only a medium talking to itself, ephemeral and inconsequential.

So back to the main question: How do we make a good newspaper? What are
the topics that we should address in its pages? What sections are worth
incorporating on the site? How can we involve you in developing the
content? Which are the indispensable bylines we should include? What
model or example should we follow? And the big question: Can we exercise
quality journalism amid the current conditions in Cuba?

You can leave answers in the comments on this blog, on the Dontknow
debate page, or on the CONTACT page. Thanks in advance for helping to
give shape to the baby before its birth.

23 April 2014

Source: How Do We Make A Good Newspaper? / Yoani Sanchez | Translating
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