Monday, April 28, 2014

Just Another Miscalculation

Just Another Miscalculation / Miriam Celaya
Posted on April 28, 2014

According to a recent official statement by Empresa de
Telecomunicaciones de Cuba (ETECSA) [Cuban Telephone Company], the
technical difficulties in messaging service and other cell phone
problems are due to errors in miscalculating demand.

It is the system's universal principle to come up with an inverse
explanation to every difficulty, which could be interpreted as follows:
it is not really the inability of the only telephone company in Cuba,
but that there are too many users. That is, we are more addicted to
communication than officials imagined.

Since this past March 3rd, when the new cell phone e-mail access system
( went into effect, considerable delays were experienced in SMS
access, as well as additional service outages. Now the Central Director
of Mobile Services, Hilda María Arias, stated that for over a year they
carried out research and completed investment processes required for
this service, however, they "did not calculate the fast pace for its
demand in this short period of time", and, due to transmitting of data,
"more network resources are being used", which has slowed e-mail, SMS
reception, and cell phone service

Of course, while this official explains that steps are being taken to
counteract the difficulties, the solution must come from an increase in
forecast investments.

ETECSA, as we know, is the name of the communications monopoly in Cuba,
controlled by military business leaders, who have now committed to
expand services through new base stations that expand possibilities for
Internet access, transfer the balance between cell phones and extend the
expiration date of cellular lines.

Indeed, if this promise is fulfilled, this would be good news for those
of us who are addicted to information and communication. In any case, to
justify the current service difficulties after one year of researching
the project, and knowing the huge demand for cellular service among
Cubans, despite its high cost, seems more than mere miscalculation.

Translated by Norma Whiting

25 April 2014

Source: Just Another Miscalculation / Miriam Celaya | Translating Cuba -

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