Saturday, April 19, 2014

TV, film lag behind other Cuba reforms

'TV, film lag behind other Cuba reforms'

Havana (AFP) - Cuban television and cinema are lagging behind other
industries that have seen recent reform on the communist island, a
writers' and artists' group wrote in a report published on Friday.

The study released by Cuba's Commission on Culture and Media urged the
Havana government to create television and film programming not under
government control, among other proposed reforms.

"Cuba's television system is urged to make structural and productive
changes, in keeping with the current reality in the rest of the
country," said the report, published after a recent gathering of the
Union of Cuban Writers and Artists, known by its Spanish acronym UNEAC.

The film and television industries currently are plagued by problems
that have gotten worse over time, including "a shortage of funding, poor
leadership, disorganization and a lack of discipline."

There currently are five national television channels available in Cuba,
many fewer than most other countries.

The paucity of choice is "a far cry from the cultural, information and
entertainment offerings needed for our people," the report said.

Recent Cuban economic reforms have opened up many businesses to private
enterprise on the island, although the Havana government still controls
90 percent of the economy.

Source: 'TV, film lag behind other Cuba reforms' - Yahoo News -;_ylt=AwrBJR.BmVJTOCoA9xXQtDMD

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