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A Light for My Loved Ones

A Light for My Loved Ones / Estado de Sats
Posted on July 11, 2014

"Una luz por los míos" / Collective Action

To all Cubans

July 13 marks the 20th anniversay of the 13th-of-March* tugboat crime
against a boat that carried 72 Cubans, sunk by the Cuban regime off the
Havana Bay to prevent their escaping to the United States coast. This
criminal action cost the lives of 41 people, among them 10 children.

The collective action "A light for my loved ones" will be a tribute to
the victims of the 13th-of-March tugboat and to all Cubans who have lost
their lives in the sea, trying to escape a suffocating realitythat has
lasted for 54 years. It is also a tribute to the Cuban family and a call
to hope and the spiritual rebuilding of our nation.

On July 12, at dusk on the eve ofthis anniversary, Cubans, wherever you
are in the world, take a candle to the sea, a bridge, a lake, a river,
your doorway, balcony, or in the privacy of your home (in case
repression in Cuba is doubled on this date).

Given the disconnection of Cuba from the world, Cubans who live abroad
can help to promote this symbolic action, inviting families and friends
on the island to participate and sharing, in turn, photos and images of
the tribute on social networks.

Let's light this candle on 12 July to remember a friend, a family
member, who didn't make it, a child who never appeared.

A candle as a complaint.

A candle against forgetfulness.

A candle for the future.

A light for my loved ones.

*Translator's note: The tugboat was named after the day in 1957 when
students launched an attack on the presidential palace in Havana.

Source: A Light for My Loved Ones / Estado de Sats | Translating Cuba -

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