Friday, July 25, 2014

Extremely Urgent - Angel Santiesteban Remains Missing

Extremely Urgent: Angel Santiesteban Remains Missing
Posted on July 24, 2014

Angel's whereabouts remain unknown; the authorities have not mentioned
his transfer, and when his son, a minor, Eduardo Santiesteban calls the
prison to obtain information they tell him that Angel "escaped."

We demand the immediate appearance of Angel in perfect condition, the
restoration of ALL of his rights, a review of his trial with all of the
guarantees denied until now, and we hold Raul Castro Ruz fully
responsible for Angel and his son Eduardo's safety. We remind you that
there are NO possible "accidents" and that everyone's eyes are upon you
and Angel. There is NO place for more impunity.

We will not stop denouncing what you have done and continue to do
against this acclaimed writer, and we demand justice and his release.

The Editor

Angel Santiesteban is a peaceful activist who has not committed any
crimes for which the Cuban political police are now condemning him.

A video in Spanish with a telephone interview of Angel's son and others
is available here.

Translated by: Marlena Papavaritis

24 July 2014

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