Monday, July 28, 2014

Guards rape patients at Cuban psychiatric hospital

July 27, 2014

Report: Guards rape patients at Cuban psychiatric hospital

The surest way to judge a society is to examine how it treats its most
unfortunate, its most helpless. That's even true in a pit like Cuba,
where drawing distinctions among those suffering the misery wrought by
the Castro dictatorship can be difficult.

Cuban blogger Yusnaby Perez on Sunday reported on an especially
horrendous example of how the Castro regime treats the most unfortunate
of the unfortunate, the mentally ill at a psychiatric hospital in Havana
(my translations):

Independent journalist Vladimir Turró reported from Havana that several
patients of the Mazorra psychiatric hospital Mazorra in the Rancho
Boyerons municipality in the city of Havanahave been sexually abused and
raped by hospital workers, explained Humberto Vial Marrero, an assistant
at the hospital told the journalist.

Vial Marrero said the rapes are carried out in the Castilian room by
Interior Ministry officers who guard inmates convicted of various
crimes. According to Marrero, first they injected them with drugs to
leave them stunned, violated them and then applied electroshock to erase
their recent memories.

The hospital official told another recent visitor that guards beat the
patients to silence their screams, and that the food provided to them is
of very poor quality.

The Mazorra hospital is the same facility where on Jan. 11-12, 2010, 26
patients died of hypothermia. Several doctors, nurses and other
officials -- but notably, no officials with the Ministry of Health --
were accused of negligence and sentenced to prison, according to blogger

Source: Uncommon Sense: Report: Guards rape patients at Cuban
psychiatric hospital -

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