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The Tribal Unity of the Dissenters

The Tribal Unity of the Dissenters / Angel Santiesteban
Posted on July 11, 2014

I want to mention the appearance of laziness inside the Cuban
opposition, because — in my opinion — this is what most corrodes our
political force and does the lamentable work of the common enemy.

And I'm not even referring to those who must be sprinkled among us doing
the terrible and cowardly work of the satraps, but also to that
partitioning of ideas and movements, where each one thinks he's better
and more important, and that his work will be most recognized.

I have listened to those who talk about themselves and their work, and —
even recognizing their merits — later I have seen how they end up
lowering themselves, diminishing themselves as human beings. They leave
much to be desired from those feelings that — I take for granted — all
fighters for human rights should have.

Comprehension and respect are important to co-exist with others and
above all, you know what, not thinking you're better than anyone else…
Just as there are a lot of people who don't like me… it makes sense to
assume that I can't like a ton of imbeciles… no?

Sometimes, the daring of confronting a regime isn't sufficient when we
ignore common sense and let them impose that mechanism educated in
misery that they have imposed on us since birth.

We will always fail when we show that we are isolated tribes, those on
the Island as well as those in exile, and on that subject, the Patriotic
Union of Cuba (UNPACU) has taken a laudable step, uniting people in the
whole national territory; today, together with the Ladies in White, it's
one of the most constant and effective coalitions against the dictatorship.

To attack each other, to envy and criticize any initiative, work, and
recognition of others, and to not support and make known the sacrifice
of others, turns us away from that dialogue with the regime that — in
some moment — we will have to have by sitting down at the table of
political negotiations for a better and democratic Cuba.

When we understand and assume that all of us are no more than grains of
sand dissolved on that beautiful beach of our dreams, then we will
understand that only if we remain joined and united will we be capable
of constructing the wall that can support the calamities that
totalitarianism still strikes us with and makes us suffer.

A political conscience, a soul like José Martí, and a respective dose of
humility will be the only formula that makes us visible and respectable
before the Regime of the Castro dynasty. Otherwise, let's prepare to
continue with the tyranny for half a century more.

We pray to God that He grants us the wisdom to form a national
conscience that summons us to political unity, while we maintain and
respect individual paths and objectives to accomplish the CHANGE that we
all yearn for.

Angel Santiesteban-Prats

Lawton prison settlement. May 2014.

Source: The Tribal Unity of the Dissenters / Angel Santiesteban |
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