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Broom Salesman

Broom Salesman / 14ymedio
Posted on February 20, 2016

14ymedio, Havana, 18 February 2016 – A new broom sweeps clean. So goes a
saying that refers to the effectiveness of everything novel and brand
new. However, often buying home cleaning supplies is a headache for
Cuban families. Items in convertible pesos are expensive and of poor
quality, which has led to the proliferation of vendors of mop sticks,
dustpans, brooms and squeegees to clean the water from the floor.

The traders are often harassed by the police, as the raw material for
these tools comes from smuggling networks. The high demand has increased
the offerings, which now also include push brooms for outdoor areas,
dusters and toilet plungers.

There are more than a few Cubans who take advantage of a trip abroad to
bring home a broom or other cleaning tool in their personal belongings.
Next to toilet paper, washing detergent and vitamins, brooms are an
inseparable part of the travelers' luggage.

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