Friday, February 26, 2016

Cuba Hopes to Draw More Russian Tourists

Cuba Hopes to Draw More Russian Tourists
22:06 25.02.2016(updated 22:44 25.02.2016)

Cuba hopes to replace Turkey and Egypt as a popular holiday destination
for Russian tourists, the Caribbean island nation's ambassador to Russia
said Thursday.

ROSTOV-ON-DON (Sputnik) — Russian authorities advised its travel
agencies against selling package tours to Turkey after the downing of a
Russian warplane over Syria by a Turkish jet, while flights
between Russia and Egypt were stopped following a terror attack on a
Russian airliner over Sinai last year.

"The flow of Russian tourists to Turkey and Egypt is diminishing, so
Cuba is ready to welcome Russian visitors," Emilio Lozada García said,
adding the nation would welcome "all tourists from Russia."

A representative of the Cuban Embassy in Moscow vowed Thursday that
Havana would think of ways to make Cuba tours more affordable for guests
from Russia, where the national currency has lost more than half of its
value against the dollar.

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