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Cuban Exiles Obama’s Visit From the Waters off Havana

Cuban Exiles Obama's Visit From the Waters off Havana / 14ymedio
Posted on February 23, 2016

14ymedio, 23 February 2016 – The Democratic Movement and the Mambisa
Vigil, Cuban exile groups in Miami, are preparing a protest that will
take place off the coast of Cuba coinciding with President Barack
Obama's visit to the island on 21-22 March.

The details of the protest will be announced this coming Thursday, but
the leaders of both organizations explained their intentions to the
Mexican news agency Notimex, saying that they firmly believe that the
historic visit will only serve to legitimate a repressive, single-party
regime that has perpetuated itself in power for decades.

"We want to confront Cuba with a presence demanding free elections when
Raul Castro leaves the throne and not a hand-picked successor," Ramon
Saul Sanchez from the Democratic Movement told Notimex. The activist,
who considers the Cuban government terrorists, has been imprisoned on
several occasions, undertaken several hunger strikes, and led fleets of
boats into Cuban waters. "We are going to advocate for the reunification
of the Cuban family," he added.

The Mexican news agency also spoke with Miguel Saavedra, from Mambisa
VIgil, who said his protest action will take place outside the
Versailles restaurant on 8th Street in MIami, where they regularly hold
their protests.

"President Obama is trying to do whatever he can to make Congress see we
can do some kind of business with Cuba and to get them to lift the trade
embargo" lamented Saavedra.

Source: Cuban Exiles Obama's Visit From the Waters off Havana / 14ymedio
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