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Padura Says Obama’s Visit Marks A Different Moment In Cuba-US Relations

Padura Says Obama's Visit Marks A Different Moment In Cuba-US Relations
/ EFE, 14ymedio
Posted on February 26, 2016

EFE (14ymedio), February 2016 — Cuban writer Leonardo Padura said today
that he views positively the upcoming visit of U.S. president Barack
Obama to Cuba, and he believes it marks "a different moment" in the
relations between both countries, which have always been "very traumatic."

"We are living at a unique moment: Obama is coming, the Rolling Stones
are coming, a baseball team is coming, Chanel is coming… This has become
like a theme park that everyone wants to visit," joked Padura to EFE in

The author of "The Man Who Loved Dogs" confessed that he was surprised
by the news of Obama's trip announced for 21-22 March, which he greeted
as something "very good."

"I think that everything that contributes to eliminating tensions,
building bridges, coming to a better understanding and, in the end, a
better life for Cubans. you have to greet this as a positive thing," he

The trip of President of the United States to the island "historically
is marking a different moment. The relations between the United States
and Cuba have always been very traumatic and, if that trauma is overcome
and we travel a path towards real normalization of relations, it will be
beneficial for everyone, especially for us Cubans," he added.

Leonardo Padura participated today in Havana at the "Cultural Thursdays"
colloquium organized by the Spanish Embassy in Cuba, held on this
occasion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of his
character Mario Conde, the protagonist of his saga of police procedurals.

Along with Padura, speaking at the symposium was the actor Jorge
Perugorría, who plays Mario Conde in the film and television series "The
Four Seasons" which will premiere this year, directed by the Spanish
filmmaker Felix Viscarret.

Jorge Perugorría told EFE that Obama's visit has created "a kind of
expectation among Cubans" and he hoped that it will serve to change and
definitely improve relations between the two countries.

"I thought this [the visit of US president] was something I would never
see. However, it has been faster than we imagined. Since the famous
declaration of 17 December 2014 so much has happened, and so quickly.
Obama is coming and I think it's fantastic that this is happening and
that the two countries will follow the path of understanding and normal
relations," said the actor.

Source: Padura Says Obama's Visit Marks A Different Moment In Cuba-US
Relations / EFE, 14ymedio | Translating Cuba -

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