Friday, February 19, 2016

Somos+ Official Note on Barack Obama’s Visit to Cuba

Somos+ Official Note on Barack Obama's Visit to Cuba / Somos+
Posted on February 18, 2016

Somos+ (We Are More), Eliecer Avila, 18 February 2016 — The Somos+
Political Movement welcomes the upcoming visit of President of the
United States Barack Obama to Cuba. This event confirms the willingness
of his government to strengthen the bonds of friendship with our people.

There is evidence that the Cuban people feel respect and admiration for
Obama, because, in practice, he has done more than Raul Castro to
overcome the old patterns of the Cold War and to advance the search for
new opportunities for the development, prosperity and freedom of the
Cuban people.

During his visit Obama will be able to explain to us first hand the
details of the changes in policy and the opportunities they open for
both peoples. We are sure that he will be received in the streets here
like a hero, an image that will contrast greatly with the "hatred toward
the enemy neighbor" that they have tried to instill in us for more than
half a century. And above all, it will be absolutely incompatible with
the abominable and absurd repression against those accused of being
"allies" of that "enemy."

It must also be made very clear that it will not be Obama, nor the pope,
nor anyone who is not of our own people who will resolve the profound
problems that are strangling our nation. However, in this fight, every
favorable wind is appreciated.

Going forward from today Cuba will experience a decisive chain of
historic events that will mark its present and its future. President
Obama's visit will be one of them.

Naturally, Somos+ welcomes him and wishes him success.

Eliecer Avila, Engineer
President, Somos+ (We Are More)

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