Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cuba starving for children – and here's why

Cuba starving for children – and here's why
Thursday, March 30, 2017 | Charlie Butts (

If Cuba is to emerge into a vital and productive nation, it must first
begin to encourage families. That's the advice of one of the leading
experts on the international pro-life movement.

Dr. Joseph Meaney, a spokesman for Human Life International, is well
versed on Cuba's problems. He explains that the communist nation's low
fertility rate, just 1.7 births per woman, means not enough children are
being born to replace an aging population or provide citizens for the
labor market.

"They have a situation there where there are very few young people," he
tells OneNewsNow. "And the elderly are really becoming the dominant
portion of the population."

He says in addition to the low fertility rate, many young people are
leaving the country – making the situation more dramatic because Cuba
also has a terrible economy.

Thus, many couples avoid having children because they fear they will be
unable to provide for them. Others are reluctant to bring children into
the world because of the political, social, and religious persecution.

"The government promotes abortion rampantly," Meaney says, "so many of
the children are just not born. There's an enormous abortion rate."

According to 2010 date compiled by the United Nations, there were nearly
30 abortions for every 1,000 Cuban women of childbearing age.

Meaney notes that a Cuban citizen can get more prison time for killing a
cow than a human being. In addition, Cuba spends a good deal of money
providing luxury accommodations for Communist elite and building upscale
hotels to attract tourists.

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