Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fake news


This title is now a common phrase in our daily living. But in reality
had been around since many years back.

When I was living peacefully in my native Country (Cuba) Bohemia
Magazine, José Pardo Llada, Mario Kuchilán and others in the media were
expelling their lies to make the Cuban people to succumb to their
extermination by the Communists when they were embracing the lies
fabricated by future Dictator Fidel Castro Ruz.

When Fidel Castro Ruz ordered the hijacking of the Cubana de Aviación
airplane who left Florida to Cuba on November 1, 1958, where my cousin
Ruskin Medrano, the pilot of the aircraft, was assassinated by the
hijackers, they were putting out the fake news that the airplane was
trying to join the rebels of Fidel Castro Ruz in the Sierra Maestra.

During the years of the Communist Tyranny in Cuba newspapers like The
New York Times, The Times Picayune and The Houston Chronicle, among
others, have been poisoning the mind of the American people with "FAKE
NEWS". In February, 1948, Fidel Castro Ruz assassinated my cousin Manolo
Castro who was the Director of Sports in Cuba and a former President of
the Federation of Students at Havana University. The New York Times
presented to the world Fidel Castro Ruz as a new Robin Hood and as a
savior democratic leader.

When in November 22, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald carried out the plan
organized by the Communist terrorists in Cuba and assassinated President
John F. Kennedy the American Communists carried out one of the most
biggest FAKE NEWS plans in order to exonerate Dictator Castro and
disseminated hundreds of false theories placing the blame on the
anti-Castro Cubans, President Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, the Pentagon,
anti-Communist Americans, and hundreds of stupid theories, all false, in
order to destroy the USA.

When Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated by a Muslim follower of Fidel
Castro Ruz the FAKE NEWS ignored the facts of Sirham Sirham attending a
pro-Castro meeting.

When a divorced Cuban mother died escaping from Castro's hell and her
son survived, the FAKE NEWS started a campaign to return the son to his
father in Cuba. Finally President Bill Clinton criminally returned the
son to Castro's reign of terror.

President Jimmy Carter became a good friend and collaborator of Dictator
Fidel Castro. The FAKE NEWS presented Jimmy Carter as a Christian.

President Barack Hussein Obama finally went to Cuba to pay respect to
the Dictator and the FAKE NEWS portrayed him as a wise USA President
solving the Cuban problem.

Fulgencio Batista was in power less than six years. The Communist
Dictatorship has been in power in Cuba for 58 years and the FAKE NEWS
don't tell you that in 1958 Cuba was one of the 3 tops Countries in
Latin America and that today is one of the 2 worse Countries in Latin
America disputing the last place with Haiti.

The FAKE NEWS don't tell you that in 58 years the Cuban People haven't
have a chance to vote in FREE elections. The FAKE NEWS don't tell you
that more than ONE MILLION Cubans have died in exile during those years.
The FAKE NEWS don't tell you about the thousands of Cubans assassinated
by the Communists.

I don't want more blood to be spilled in Cuba. Most of the assassins are
already dead. Many of the criminals are already living in the USA or
have died out of Cuba. The majority of the Cuban People was stupid
enough to support Fidel Castro Ruz at the time when Batista was forced
to leave Cuba by President Eisenhower.

It is time that the FAKE NEWS are stopped by the American Press that is
not Communist. We know that envy is a great human sin. The Communists
and the Muslims want to destroy the USA. For the sake of this Nation,
for the sake of our descendants we have to stand firm and when the press
fake the news we have to be brave enough to call them FAKE NEWS.

God bless the USA. God bless all the Americans who have died all over
the world fighting for freedom. And I pray to God to punish those who
stab us in the back printing FAKE NEWS.

March 24, 2017

Dr. Carlos J. Bringuier

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