Thursday, March 23, 2017

Now That 'El Supremo' Is Gone, I'll Be The King Of Havana

"Now That 'El Supremo' Is Gone, I'll Be The King Of Havana" / Cubanet

You're lucky to be witnessing the debut of one of the major go-getters
in the bicitaxi business. Old Havana is crammed with 'yumas'
[foreigners]. You see them on the streets, getting crazy, desperate to
move from one place to another, looking and always asking. (…) And
here's Pancho, ready to be of service to those who need it. (…) I'll
admit I still have to fix up my "ship", paint it, add cushions, lights,
music. I'll even have to dress better; I know the competition will
back-stab you with those little details. (…)

Even though it's my first week, I can already see that a lot of people
are trying to get into the bicitaxi trade. You're in constant contact
with foreigners who are the ones with big bucks. (...) Since networking
is everything, I've already partnered with some hotel owners, so I can
play that card. If I happen to pick someone up who doesn't have a place
to stay, I'll drive them to one of my contacts and afterwards I'll
collect my commission. (…)

I have a lot of advantages, but I'm just getting started. I know the
neighborhood. I know five languages, at least enough to communicate the
basics. Besides, now that "El Supremo" is gone, I'll be the king of
Havana. As the saying goes: I've got my charm going for me, asere! I
have the key!

Translated by Camila Fernandez, Kendra Gil, Jingqi He

Source: "Now That 'El Supremo' Is Gone, I'll Be The King Of Havana" /
Cubanet – Translating Cuba -

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