Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cuban factory assembles first 7,000 tablets and laptops

Cuban factory assembles first 7,000 tablets and laptops
Published on March 25, 2017

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) -- The Industrial Company for Informatics,
Communications and Electronics (GEDEME by its Spanish acronym) in Havana
has assembled the first 3,500 laptops and 3,583 tablets for Cuban
government agencies and organizations.

The initiative is part of an effort by the Cuban government to continue
expanding, within the limit of financial constraints, the secure
computerization of local society.

Fernando Fernandez, chief of the Computer Solutions Project, said that,
for the current year, the goal is to reach 50,000 units, from the
arrival of the parts and components provided by the Chinese company
Haier, with which agreements were signed for the transfer of technologies.

He noted that the training of personnel concluded on January 20 with the
participation of the Chinese experts, who were satisfied with the
competence of the operators who will take up this challenge.

Fernandez explained that currently the entity is immersed in the second
stage of the project that includes the assembly of 40 percent of the
equipment received from China.

The executive stated that facilities have been created to undertake the
manufacture of touch screens.

He recalled that this program also involves the University of Computer
Science which provides the Nova operating systems, computer applications
and their production processes.

GEDEME is in charge of the installation of the equipment, the production
process and commercialization through wholesale chains.

China provides all the technology, raw materials and guarantees the
processes of training and technical exchange with Cuban specialists.

The modern hybrid line installed in Cuba can assemble 120,000 laptops
annually, all sixth generation.

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