Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Downhole problem sinks Cuba well

Downhole problem sinks Cuba well
Canada-based Sherritt abandons lower part of Litoral-100 well after
encountering 'geological complexities'
Caroline Evans
27 Mar 2017 23:28 GMT Updated 27 Mar 2017 23:39 GMT

Canada-based Sherritt International has come up dry at its Litoral-100
in the Bay of Cardenas in Cuba after running into technical problems
with the well.

The exploration well aiming for the Lower Veloz formation failed to
reach its target because of wellbore instability caused by "unexpected
geological complexities when a zone of the less stable Vega Alta rock
formation repeated itself", Sherritt said in a release.

"This resulted in drilling problems and the lower section of the well
had to be abandoned."

The well is located on Sherritt's Block 10 production sharing contract

Sherrit had planned to drill the well to 5836 metres, but it only
reached 4232 metres.

The company did find "good" shows on a sidetrack drilled from the
existing wellbore into the Upper Veloz formation and was able to produce
oil, but not in commercial quantities, the company said.

"While this well was not successful at reaching its target of the Lower
Veloz, nothing has changed concerning our view of Block 10's potential,"
Sherritt chief executive David Pathe said.

"LT-100 has provided valuable data about the fold and thrust geology of
the basin that we are currently using to update our geological models
and drilling plans. We expect to be in a position to provide a further
update by the time we release first quarter 2017 results."

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