Saturday, March 25, 2017

What I Want Most Is To Get Back To Volleyball

"What I Want Most Is To Get Back To Volleyball" / Cubanet

I was a volleyball player in the last golden era of the sport in Cuba. I
played alongside the best in the world: Marshal, Dennis, Pimienta,
Diago, Iosvany Hernández. I played on the national team in the 1999
Tournament of the Americas in the United States, and in 2000 I almost
went to Sydney, but right after that, during the best moment of my
career, the team changed coaches and volleyball practically finished for
me. They never called me again for the team and I decided to retire from
the sport (…)

Since then, I've tried a thousand times to get back in. I started
training young boys, and I was even on a sports mission to Portugal, but
I couldn't maintain myself financially with that, and I had no choice
but to start working as a security guard in various nightclubs, like so
many others. (…)

What I want most is to get back to volleyball, at least to train and
prepare the youth, but the way things are now, I believe I'm just going
to have to keep maintaining law and order in the Havana nights.

Translated by Jorge Vásquez, Aliaksandra Rabtsava, Vanessa Parra Henao

Source: "What I Want Most Is To Get Back To Volleyball" / Cubanet –
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