Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Businesses will be checked at random

Businesses will be checked at random
04 / 26 / 2011

About 750 state-run companies will be targeted for a surprise audit
beginning Monday, April 25, as part of the Nationwide Verification of
Internal Controls, Cuba's Comptroller General (gbp) announced.

Gladys Bejerano Portela told journalists that between April 25 and May
31 about 3,000 auditors, economists and accountants will visit business
companies chosen at random, to check on their activities in the first
quarter of the year.

If necessary, the audits may be expanded to previous or later months,
she said.

The results will be turned over to the top government officials on July
20, Bejerano said, adding that the audit seeks "to guarantee that the
political will contained in the Guidelines for the Economic and Social
Policy is applied with discipline, order and respect for legality."

Companies that fail the audit due to inefficiency could be shut down,
according to the Guidelines drawn by the ruling Communist Party.

Among the most common problems detected during last year's surprise
audit were past-due accounts, undocumented charges, inaccurate
inventories, cash shortages, and commercial transactions made without

Also, payrolls that listed "phantom employees" who had left a company
but continued to receive wages.

Bejerano said that the audits are conducted "not only to combat
corruption but also to bring us closer to the efficiency that the
national economy needs."


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