Friday, April 29, 2011

Prominent Cuban Dissident Arrested

Prominent Cuban Dissident Arrested

HAVANA – Cuban dissident Darsi Ferrer was arrested Thursday along with
four other people as they were staging a peaceful protest in downtown
Havana, according to information provided by the Cuban Human Rights and
National Reconciliation Commission.

Ferrer and his associates demanded during a "small demonstration" that
the Cuban government "respect the freedom of movement of citizens inside
the island and (allow them to travel) abroad with the right to return to
the country," the commission said in a communique on the matter, signed
by its spokesman Elizardo Sanchez.

Also participating in the protest, besides Ferrer, were his wife
Yusnaimi Jorge, Juan Mario Rodriguez, Ricardo Aguilar and Joaquin Sarduy.

The dissidents also displayed posters alluding to their demand during
the protest mounted Thursday afternoon on a street corner in front of
the well-known Coppelia ice cream shop, located in the El Vedado
neighborhood, according to the commission.

A source close to the dissidents told Efe that none of the protesters
has been released by Cuban authorities.

Ferrer, a 41-year-old physician, was released in June 2010 after being
held in prison for 11 months without charge.

For several months, Ferrer has been denouncing the fact that Cuban
immigration authorities have denied him, his wife and son permission to
leave the country and travel to the United States.

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