Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cuban makes fumigator out of trash

Cuban makes fumigator out of trash
Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:58PM

A Cuban farmer has invented a device that helps him spray pesticide
along six rows of crops instead of the one row he dosed with his usual
backpack fumigator.

Using the new spindly, spider-like piece, Yolando Perez Baez finishes
his job in one hour and walks less than a mile instead of five miles in
six hours.

Perez has used local trash dumps to make his spray pesticide hoping to
spray pesticides, start balky irrigation machinery and speed potato harvest.

The equipment looks like a small oil rig equipped with a heavy weight,
which is tied to a rope that is wrapped around the engine crankshaft.

The weight is lifted up by the rig and dropped. The fall pulls the rope
and starts the engine.

"Eighty percent of the motors here, in this municipality at least, don't
have batteries, don't have starters. It's the first thing to break and
you have to buy them in hard currency, which is very difficult," The
agronomist engineer said.

He has sold eight samples of his invention for just over USD100 each.

Perez who works at the "First of May" agricultural cooperative in Guira
de Melena says facing the problem inspired him to make the equipment.

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