Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cuban independent journalists detained and beaten by Castro dictatorship

Cuban independent journalists detained and beaten by Castro dictatorship
By Alberto de la Cruz on 04/24/2011

This past April 15, 2011, Cuban independent journalist Dania Virgen
Garcia, along with three other independent journalists (David Águila
Montero, Leydi Coca Quesada, and Michel Iroy Rodríguez) were approached
by 20 agents from Castro State Security as they walked down the street.
The four democracy activists were then brutally and violently forced
into police cars and the women were taken to one police station for
questioning, while the men were transported to another.

While Dania Virgen Garcia and Leydi Coca Quesada were being questioned
in a room, Quesada was grabbed by several women and held up against the
wall while one official beat her. Moments later, the lieutenant colonel
unit commander entered the room with other officials and grabbed Dania
by the arms, shaking her violently in an effort to force her to
cooperate. When Dania refused, the man struck her and continued to
forcibly twist her arms around. After the beating both women received,
they were put into a jail cell where another official sprayed her face
with pepper spray.

You can read Dania's account of the violent and brutal attack on her
blog, where you will also find more photographs of the injuries they

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