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Measuring Stick for Cuba's Reforms

Measuring Stick for Cuba's Reforms
April 23, 2011
By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, April 23 — Taking a look at the reforms being/to be
implemented in Cuba's economy, I came up with some indicators that we
can evaluate five years down the road (and consider along the way) to
see if the reforms have a positive impact on life under Cuban socialism.

- If Cuban workers can meet their basic needs with their salaries.

- If Cuba greatly increases its food production and distribution
networks and can thus considerably lower imports without decreasing
already low consumption levels.

- If Cuba's housing infrastructure sees more repairs and/or new
construction than collapse and further deterioration.

- If getting to and from work on public transportation ceases to be a
second job in itself for most people.

- If low and high level theft and corruption cease to be a generally
recognized norm at State companies/institutions.

- If there is an improvement in public education and health care or at
least a break in the decline experienced over the last decade.

- If social inequalities sure to increase do not reach the typical Latin
American proportions.

- If young people generally feel positive about their future in Cuba.

- If child-bearing age women increasingly feel secure enough to have

- If the immigration status of Cubans is normalized with clear policies,
eliminating the current restrictions.

Achieving some of these indicators partially depends on other civil
rights and liberties issues, scheduled to be addressed in a Communist
Party policy conference next January.

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