Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chilean Businessman dies in Cuba: Cause of death remains secret

Chilean Businessman dies in Cuba: Cause of death remains secret
Posted by lisa.downie on Apr 14th, 2010

Chilean Roberto Baudrand, General Manager of the company Rio Zaza, was
found dead in his apartment in Havana, Cuba, yesterday, Tuesday April 13th.

Around 3pm yesterday a company staff member went to Baudrand's
apartment. After hearing n response from Baudrand inside the apartment,
Zaza asked the janitor to open the apartment, after which they found
Baudrand, 59, dead on the floor.

It was revealed that Baudrand was, by law, currently unable to leave
Cuba. According to the company's lawyer, Eduardo Contreras, Baudrand had
been questioned on at least two occasions by the Attorney General of the
Republic of Cuba, an organization that opened an investigation into the
company on 14 December.

No information on the cause of death has been released. Family members
have rejected claims it was suicide, admitting that while Baudrand did
have pills in his room, they were in case of a heart attack and he did
not overdose on them.

The Chilean Embassy in Cuba has refused to release any more information
about the death, stating "We have orders not to report anything about it."
The body was found two days after his wife, Elena Cavagnolo, returned to
Chile from Havana to celebrate the birthday of one of their daughters.
It is speculated that she will return to Havana to retrieve her
husband's body.

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