Sunday, April 11, 2010

Released Cuban activists move to New Jersey

Posted on Sunday, 04.11.10
Released Cuban activists move to New Jersey
McClatchy News Service

HACKENSACK, N.J. -- A former Cuban political prisoner and his human
rights activist wife arrived in New Jersey on Friday, a day after Cuban
officials let them leave the island under pressure from Spain.

Nelson Aguiar Ramirez, 64, is an electrician who was among 75 opponents
of Fidel Castro's regime rounded up in 2003 by government security
forces. His wife, Dolia Leal, also 64, is a founder of the Ladies in
White, a group of mainly wives and mothers of political prisoners. They
have drawn international attention with their peaceful marches, in which
they dress all in white and hold white flowers in Havana to press for
the release of their relatives.

``My husband and I are free now; we're on free soil,'' Leal, who was
dressed in white slacks and a white blouse, said to a group of Cuban
exiles in Club Cubano, a social club in Elizabeth, N.J.

``But we are continuing our fight for freedom in Cuba.''

Aguiar and Leal, who were assigned a temporary apartment by a refugee
resettlement agency in Elizabeth, plan to make their home in New Jersey,
which has one of the nation's largest and most established
Cuban-American communities.

After pressure from officials with the government of Spain Cuban
officials released Aguiar from prison last fall, citing a series of
medical problems.

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