Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tremor Felt in Santiago Cuba

Tremor Felt in Santiago Cuba
by ACN — last modified Apr 13, 2010 04:23 PM

The Cuban Civil Defense reported that a 4.4 earthquake in the Richter
scale took place near the southern coast of eastern Cuba, and was felt
all over that region.
Tremor Felt in Santiago Cuba

People felt tremor throughout the eastern region.

The Cuban National Seismologic Service station network recorded the
epicenter of the quake at the 19.63 North, 76.65 West, some 35
kilometers (22 miles) southeast La Plata town, in Santiago de Cuba, at a
10 kilometer depth.

There were reports of people feeling the tremor throughout the eastern
region. This is the 23rd felt in 2010.

On March 20th a 5.6 earthquake struck this same area at about 14.00
hours, causing some damages to housing and public facilities. There were
no reports of injuries or deaths among the population.

At the moment specialists with the Cuban national Seismologic Research
Center are processing the gathered data.


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