Tuesday, April 27, 2010

H1N1 Virus Keeps Striking Cuba

H1N1 Virus Keeps Striking Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 24 (acn) For the fifth week in a row, the number of
H1N1 cases continues to grow throughout the country, said Dr. Otto
Pelaez Sanchez, head of the Transmissible Diseases Department of the
Cuban Public Health ministry.

Cuban News Agency

During this week, 93 new cases of Influenza A (H1N1) virus were
confirmed by the National Influenza Virus Labs of the Tropical Medicine
Institute Pedro Kouri, Granma reported on Saturday.

Based on the situation, people were called to strictly follow personal
and collective hygiene measures indicated by health authorities and to
visit the doctor as soon as any symptoms of flu appear.

In reference to the national vaccination campaign against the H1N1 virus
to conclude on Tuesday, April 2, Dr. Pelaez Sanchez said 981,130 people
(87.4 percent), selected based on risk factors, have received the shot.
Of them78, 915 are either pregnant women or have given birth recently,
representing 99.7 percent of the total.

Dr. Pelaez Sanchez said the people who have been vaccinated remain under
strict watch so that they can receive immediate medical care in case of
severe reactions, although no serious side-effects of the vaccine have
been reported so far. Among minor adverse reactions are headaches, pain
in the area of the shot, fever, tiredness and allergies.


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