Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cuba Liberates Its Hair Salons

Cuba Liberates Its Hair Salons
Lucky barbers and beauticians will be able to work for themselves
By Caroline Miller

(Newser) – Raul Castro has decided to get the Cuban government out of
its citizens' hair. Barber shops and beauty salons with three or fewer
seats will now be allowed to be owner-operated rather than run by the
state. Cuba-watchers see the tentative loosening as the start of a
long-anticipated—or at least hoped-for—privatization drive five decades
after Fidel nationalized all small businesses, the BBC reports.

The younger Castro has been taking baby steps toward capitalism,
allowing some unproductive land to be given to farmers and some taxi
drivers to work for themselves. But this is the first move in the retail
and service sector, and it hasn't even been publicly announced, says the


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